Duo Xculpter Wild 2 Brushes Blue & SweetLisS

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SweetLisS straightener and curler

Integrated comb preparing the strand before straightening in order to get a perfect finish

Progressive anodized gold hot plates to get soft and shiny hair

Large tips for taking with 2 hands

Temperature automatic regulation

There are Stylers ... and

there is SweetLisS,

the Dragonfly Curler

There are Straighteners ... and

there is SweetLisS,

the Dragonfly Straightener

Did you know that a hair straightener's performance depends mainly on its hot plates and its temperature? 

No need to overheat: 

When subject to temperatures below 160°C, hair remains dull, and above 190°C, it becomes damaged, losing its shine.

SweetLisS temperature is regulated by PTC technology and automatically adapted to between 175°C and 185°C , depending on hair thickness and length*.

No need for intergalactic materials: 

Although it may be made from different compounds, the hot plate material is only effective when VERY smooth and capable of evenly distributed heat transmission.

The SweetLisS hot plates are made from an alloy that optimizes temperature transfer.  They are anodized with progressive gold for an ultra smooth surface finish.

The dragonfly straightener  SweetLisS includes:

• 1 dragonfly designed hair styler to straighten and curl

• Integrated comb for a perfect finish 

• Progressive gold plates 

• Adaptative temperature 

• 280 cm long swivel cord

• Lock system

• Velvet pouch

• 110-240 V / ~50-60 Hz / 25 W

• Warranty 1 Year

Fusion of Mini Hair Dryer, Comb and Brush for Blowdry with one hand

Both Classic use and Xculpter mode

Ideal for Short or Easy Hair

Tutorial Videos on Page "Hairstyles" of XCULPTER Website

Powerful 1050 W- 2 Temperatures + Cool Button-

Travel pouch - 15 X12 cm Lightweight 180 g- Cable 175 cm - 230V.

Comb Diffuser color: Blue

The Mini Hair Dryer Xculpter Wild 2 Brushes includes:

• 1 Travel hair dryer 1050 W

• 2 temperatures

• Cool Button

• 1 Straightening Xculpter Diffuser

• 1 clip brush with angled bristles

• 1 universal clip brush

• 1 concentrator nozzle

• 1 travel pouch

• 15 cm x 12 cm

• Lightweight 180 g

• Cable: 1,75 m

• 220-240 V / ~50-60 Hz / 1050 W

• Warranty 1 Year


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